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Best Season Guide To Travel in Tanzania

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Visiting Tanzania in January

In January there is a chance of rain as the temperature gets higher and the humidity starts building. For viewing the calving season, January is the Best Time To Visit Tanzania.

Visiting Tanzania in February

In February migration of large herds occurs in Ndutu. The weather is hot and humid with a chance of rain.

Visiting Tanzania in March

As the migrating herds start to leave Ndutu, the month of March is marked as the low season, before the heavy rains but with humidity building.

Visiting Tanzania in April – May

We would advise against travelling at this time as this is a period of heavy rain.

Visiting Tanzania in June

Bringing lush grasses and bush, June is considered as the green season and is particularly wonderful time Best Time of Year for Tanzania Safari for bird watchers.

Visiting Tanzania in July

Marking the start of the peak season the Migration of the north of the Serengeti begins.

Visiting Tanzania in August

August is the Peak season and is the Best Month for Tanzania Safari. Great time to witness the great Migration!

Visiting Tanzania in September

September is also considered Peak season and is the Best Season To Visit Tanzania.

Visiting Tanzania in October

Peak season of October is the Best Time To See Serengeti Migration.

Visiting Tanzania in November

November witnesses short rains and this is a great time to take advantage of low season rates and is still a popular time to travel.

Visiting Tanzania in December

December is the festive season and can be very busy and needs to be planned well in advance to ensure availability.

Best Season Guide To Travel in Tanzania

The cold and dry and the warm and dry periods are considered Best Time For Safari In Tanzania. Great Lake Expedition considers the comfort of its clients first and their Tanzania Safety is its utmost priority.

June to September

This is undoubtedly the Best Time of Year to Travel to Tanzania. As the Weather is quite mellow, rain is less, with a high chance of spotting wildlife. The wildebeest migration starts, by June.


In winter this is the Best Time to Travel To Tanzania as the weather is dry and there is some respite from rain. We recommend you to avoid Gombe, Selous, Mahale, Selous, and Katavi during this period.